About Me


Hey, I'm  Aravind Chowdary and I'm from India. I've been using App Inventor and its distros for a year. Now I have a little knowledge of building apps and extensions on them. So, I made this website to teach you all.


I  mostly use KODULAR for making my apps which are on Play Store.  I recommend you Kodular Builder if you are a professional in drag n drop app building. If you are a  beginner or just started learning then you must play around with Thunkable and Appybuilder before getting to Kodular.

My Aim

Pushing the limits of Drag n Drop App builders. I write many tutorials and snippets on this site to make your app more efficient.
They may help you pushing the limits of  App Inventor and its distros.

Contact Me

You can ask me any question regarding the website or any project, Tutorial, Snippets on this site through :

Cheers !


  1. I felt nice hearing to you ! Keep it up !


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