Working With OpenWeather Maps API for making a Weather Application

Areyou planning to make an app that displays current weather conditions? Want to know how to make one on App Inventor?

 Here we're going to use Open Weather API for this purpose.

Why OpenWeather API?

If you are thinking why I'm using particularly OpenWeather API. 
For the developers who build apps on App Inventor or its distros, the Free & Premium Packs are suitable in OpenWeatherMaps compared to other API services.

It comes with 60 requests per min for Free. So I choose it as a better option. ( If you find any other services feel free to say me in the comments section )

Getting OpenWeatherMaps API Key

Firstly, go to OpenWeatherMaps. You'll find a sign-up button in the top right corner.

Complete the sign-up formalities and you'll be redirected to your dashboard.

Find the API section and create a new API key.

Setting Up the App

There is nothing much to do in the designer section. Just add a Web component from the Connectivity section. 
For making easy to yourself to parse the JSON response import JSON UTILLs extension by Luke.
JSON Utils extension makes easy to get particular data from the response text.

Then add some labels to show up the data you want to get.

The Blocks Section

Just refer the below image to know how actually app works.

(I'll be providing AIA file at the end)

That's all is how you can make your own weather displaying application in any of the app inventor distros.

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Download Free AIA:

⤏ [TEST APK] Download Now ( Google Drive Link ) ( Open-load Link )
⤏ [AIA]Download Now ( Google Drive Link ) ( Open-load Link )


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